Advanced Logging is a recently added feature of the Oracle Acme Packet SBC. Think of it as a way to log all the SIP dialog (and optionally media stats) for a specific call, or, SIP calls that have an “interesting” set of criteria amongst them.

The following are different ways to perform Advanced Logging:

  • SIP Requests such as INVITE or SUBSCRIBE
  • Specific user or host portion in a TO header
  • Specific user or host portion in a FROM header
  • Specific Session-Agent
  • Specific Realm Name
  • Matching Call-ID
  • Rate Limiting

The scope of the logging determines how much of the call is logged

  • request-only – Logs the matched message
  • transaction – Logs the request and the response
  • session – Logs all messages that are part of the matched session
  • session and media – Same as session plus includes media information

An included SPL is used to enter the logging criteria. The following example matches a specific realm.

# spl set sip advanced-logging in-realm <realm-id>

# config t > sip-advanced-logging

The condition is where the match type and value is defined. Advanced Logging can use AND OR. If there are two conditions AND will require both match for logging to occur. OR will allow a match on one condition.

  1. Artanis says:

    Hi Mark,

    thank you for this Post. Is this correct?

    name from_logger
    level DEBUG
    scope session-and-media
    matches-per-window 2
    window-size 4
    match-type from-header-user
    match-value 0031315380457766