Acme Packet ACLI – Useful Commands to Know

Posted: 21st January 2011 by Mark in Acme Packet

Recently someone asked what some of the most useful commands are on the Session Director after performing a fresh install/configuration of an SD.  The following was provided by one of the Acme Packet Systems Engineers in response to the inquiry.

show sipd sessions all – Will display all of the active SIP sessions that are currently traversing the SBC, including the To, From, Call-ID

show sipd invite
– Will display a chart of all recent SIP requests and responses

notify sipd siplog – Enables the sipmsg.log which includes all SIP traffic traversing the SBC..only to be used in pre-production/trial environment

show logfile sipmsg.log – Will output the contents of the sipmsg.log without having to FTP this file off the SBC

notify sipd rotate-logs – Will clear all sipd log buffers

display-alarms – Alarm log output

show running-config – Outputs all of the configuration elements

show support-info –  Outputs all of the system level info, including hardware specifics, licensing info, etc

show health – For a standalone system will give a good overview of failover history

I would also like to add the following which I think are useful in some cases.

show prom-info all – Displays serial number, hardware revision, manufacturing date

notify sipd debug – Enables a subset of the full logging behavior of sipd on the Session Director

notify sip nodebug – Turn off debug

log-level sipd debug – Enable full debug logs

log-level sipd notice – Turn off full debug

The log file generated in both cases is log.sipd

  1. David says:

    Have you ever run across ARP failures after a switchover? We have 2 sets of SBC’s and both times after switch overs the inactive box sends out ARP failures until we go in and clear the cache. Support has been less than helpful on this. I googled ACME Packet SBC alarms and you had the top 4 entries. Figured it was worth a shot.


  2. Mark says:

    I have seen this issue before, but the root cause has always been the Ethernet switch not broadcasting the newly active MAC address. You can work with TAC to debug on the console port and verify the SD is sending an ARP at failover.

  3. Thabo Nyatlo says:


    Have you had a situation where the ACK to the 200Ok response is sent from the Access IP back to the Core IP on the SBC instead of the PABX.


  4. sohaib says:

    Dear Mark,
    i am also facing the same problem arp failures. Can you please explain which cach should be cleared to get the health score back to 100 %.

  5. sohaib says:

    means dns, tls, registration and enum thanks
    and its an arp failure

  6. Mark says:

    To bring the health score back to 100% try clearing the alarms using ACLI

  7. sohaib says:

    Thanks Mark for your reply, but i am receiving this alarm”Cam Operation Failure, Err Code 0x99, Err: SRCH_record_address_search failed for NAT entry” due to which health score is 0% ……….. how we can get rid of this alarm…..

  8. sohaib says:

    What will happen if delete arp entries because there are some struck entries in the arp tables…………this all happened after a switch over and reboot…..

  9. sohaib says:

    Hi mark i am facing a problem on acme sbc “error adding nat information in cam table” i have checked for duplicate entries in access list but no duplicate record found would please help me out in this regard. This alarm appears when i save and activate new configuration.

  10. sohaib says:

    I found the solution some duplicate/overlapped entries in access list cause this problem

  11. Michael Herman says:

    Is there a command to delete configuration changes after exiting config mode but before saving the config?

  12. Jason Murley says:

    Micheal, the following will revert to the current running config which will in turn “remove” any config changes made that have not been saved and activated:

    restore-backup-config running

  13. Gareth says:

    Also handy: show version – displays the SBC model and current running software version.

  14. nickdr says:

    does the acme packet 4500 have the abillity to do a partial delete of the database. i want to earse the config without losing the console access.

  15. Mark says:

    The SBC config does not effect console access. You may safely delete it and still console into the SBC. Also, the telnet/ssh login and management IP that is managed within bootparam is and independent of the config. If you execute the delete-config command you will still be able to access the management port over the IP network. To enforce changes to the management interface and access you must go back into bootparam then reboot the SBC.

  16. bart says:

    Have you ever seen an issue in which notify sipd rotate-logs does nothing? I cant get it to clear logs…

  17. Ab says:

    Need help. I requested for Toll-free number from ITSP, I added the number to a conference meeting on Lync server and the number was reachable within Lync environment (internally) but not reachable from outside the network and the number kept ringing forever. I thought I need to do some translation on the SBC but don’t know where to look.

    Kindly please help with this.

    Many thanks

  18. fred says:

    hello mark,
    with SBC 4500, i don’t have alarm but the health score is at 35% and i would like to known the method how i can check this ?
    thanks for your reply

  19. ivan says:

    Hi mark,
    recently we ran into trouble with call pickup on broadworks.
    The support says the SBC was sending a “bye” message. so after doing some research i found that i have to add the options +dont-terminate-assoc-legs option to the media manager configuration to fix it. how do i accomplish this? BTW the SBC is a 3820 acme packet. oracle support wont touch the system so yea, i have to do it myself.

  20. Mark says:

    The Acme Packet documentation is publicly available here. Check out the SBC Configuration Guide and search for the section “Expedited Call Leg Release for Preempted Hairpin Calls”. As you read a few paragraphs down the config guide provides examples on how to add “options” parameters to the media-manager > realm-congig.

  21. Shivansh says:

    Hi Mark,
    We have got a SBC shifted from another site. I am looking to upload the backup file from my primary SBC to this shifted SBC. I have tried to search methods to load the file but not getting required instructions. Can you please guide how to upload a backup file to this raw SBC.
    There is no management IP defined to this raw SBC, we took its console and it has some old config which is not relevant to us. So we will need to delete this config and upload the backup from primary SBC.

  22. Justin says:


    Have you ever experienced an SBC that blocks or black-lists a specific IP address but doesnt show a log of this. We have several devices on several vlans that have 1 ip that is being blocked but cannot find a reason why. If we change the IP or keep the old ip and move realms the device registers. Oracle support hasnt been able to pinpoint either.

  23. Shivansh says:

    Hi Mark,

    Can we do a live trace of H.323 and SIP calls coming via SBC? Is doing a live trace going to consume extra resources from SBC and SBC can malfunction?

  24. samant says:

    how can we poweroff the acme 6300 sbc from work station

  25. Julio says:

    Hi Mark,

    In AcmePacket, “show sessions” displays the total call capacity based on license.
    Is there a way to estimate potential call capacity based on the existent hardware ?

  26. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark, today i was configuring a new network-interface with VLAN trunking and i forgot to trunk the vlans on the switch so the gw-healthscore dropped to 70. I cleared the alarms and fixed the switch ports so now i am able to see the arp entries and everything reachable but now even after clearing the alarms the health score won’t go back up. i’ve checked the network-interface and set the health-score back to 0 and 30 but nothing. Is the only option to reboot?

    Also i’m running an HA-stack of 3820s on ECZ7.2.0 Patch 3 (Build 193)

  27. Chandika says:

    Hi Mark

    I had an issue upgrading from ecz640m2p1 to ECz720p8, after upgrade HA broke. If I downgrade HA works fine. Then I tried staging it in my lab. Couldn’t find OVA for m2p1 so I used 720p8 OVA and downgraded using production image. HA doesnt work, Sometimes comes up but most times secondary is always outofservice. Dont know if this is a ARP issue!


  28. Mark says:

    Usually clearing the alarms would increase the health score. You deleted all of them and there no alarms showing at all? You could try a reboot. Also, I would recommend ECZ730 (latest) if possible. That stream has been rock solid so far and brought true feature parity from 6.3/6.4 streams into 7.x.

  29. Mark says:

    Each hardware model has a limit of how many concurrent calls are supported. What model do you have?

  30. Mark says:

    The larger Acme Packet SBC’s are considered security appliances, not servers. They do not support remote shutdown that I am aware of, only reboot. I believe the smaller 1100 series SBC, and possibly the VM version, support the “halt” command.

  31. Mark says:

    You can enable debug mode. If you’re on version 7.x there is a conditional debug which reduces the amount of CPU required when compared to debug in 6.x and older code.

  32. Mark says:

    If a device is trying to register to a realm that only permits a certain set of IP blocks, and the device is not in that range, I don’t believe the SBC logs this. Only if an endpoint moves to untrsuted/denied, then the SBC will log it. It sounds like if multiple devices are coming from a single source IP, you are exceeding some king of threshold on the realm settings. Do the endpoints ever go from untrusted to trusted, then get denied? Or they are blocked straight away?

  33. Mark says:

    Did you resolve this? Ideally you would need to assign a management IP and FTP the config to the box then do a restore-config. I would recommend loading the same version of firmware as the old system.

  34. Ricky says:

    Thanks Mark, reboot was my last option. And yes, running a “display-alarms” comes up blank on both units.

  35. Keith D says:

    Greetings mark

    I have been doing a lot of reading about LRT , and I see reference to uploading the file etc, However I have not been able to find a sample file of what should be defined and the format that should be used. DO you have a sample are can you point me to where I might find one. I am looking to break out DID’s using the LRT to send a portion of the Numbers to one realm and a portion to another.

  36. Yann says:


    Do you know if there is a command to redirect a command output to a file ?

    Best regards,


  37. Ivan Mauricio says:

    Hi Mark.

    I had an issue upgrading from ECX360m2p2 to ECZ720p8, after upgrade HA broke. If I downgrade HA works fine.

    I can see in the output command “show routes” and route for wancom 0 the gateway is before this route the gateway is, and I create a host-route, but not works :(.

    Dont know if this is a bug in the software I tested ECZ720p8 and ECZ720p6 in a Net-Net 3820.


    Ivan Gutierrez

  38. Mark says:

    I would highly recommend ECZ730m1 or greater. That has been rock solid for almost a year.

  39. Mark says:

    I would recommend reading the ACLI Configuration Guide. There are a variety of ways to tailor the show run output. There’s also an SPL that allows some options to save to CSV. For example “spl save acli config-csv

  40. Dave R says:

    Hello Mark,
    I have 2 4500 and I am unable to console into front or back.
     Baud Rate=115200
     Data Bits=8
     Parity=None
     Stop Bits=1
     Flow Control=None
    Can you console in while the SBC is running? or only on boot up?
    If when operational is there a command I can use to see if it was disabled?

  41. Mark says:

    You can console in any time. Is the cable between your SBC and computer a straight through ethernet cable? Do you have the right console adapter pinout? You need to use the 9 pin adapter that came with the SBC. It’s not the same pinout as Cisco.

  42. Olaoluwa says:

    Is there a possible Acme CLI simulator?

  43. Mark says:

    There isn’t a simulator but you can download the VM version of the SBC for free from and it does not expire.

  44. Olaoluwa says:

    Ok Thanks Mark.

    Please can you help with a “search word” to get the VM for SBC on the link “

  45. Mark says:

    In the Search All box type either “Enterprise Session Border Controller” or “Session Border Controller” depending on whether you want ECZ or SCZ (NFV version) code and under Select Platform select Acme Packet OS for the VM version. There should be an OVA template for VMWare included in the zip file.

  46. dick bebbington says:

    Firstly, I’m not certain this is in your criteria, but hopefullly you can help? I’ve been tasked in creating a TAC_PLUS configuration file to access ACME via TACACS. I searched high and low. The only thing I have found is how to configure the ACME and not the actualy TACACS configuration “profile”. Any help would be GRATEFULLY received. Many thanks – Dick

  47. Rafael says:

    Hi Dick
    In my experience i have configured TACACs server and what you have in the ACME/ORACLE SBC is just priv-lvl=0 for read-only profile and priv-lvl=1 to admin profile read and write but for it to work as intended you should activate tacacs server authorization. dont forget to leave

    tacacs-authorization enabled
    tacacs-accounting enabled
    server-assigned-privilege enabled
    allow-local-authorization enabled
    login-as-admin disabled
    this way you can test it and if it fails login with the last admin password and delete the tacacs config

  48. Adam says:

    What is the difference of PerMax and High in a Lifetime of the sipd sessions?

    I need to know the high water mark of concurrent calls being handled by the SBC.


  49. Simranp says:

    Hi Mark

    I am looking for help regarding Multiple SIP registration to same user. Can you please provide if any documentation is available to achieve this. currently we are using 3820 with scx6.x

    what specific configuration needed to support this and have this working

    thanks for the help in advance