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Acme Packet SBC: sag-lookup-on-redirect

Posted: 27th October 2011 by Mark in Acme Packet, SBC, SIP

In most cases a SIP Redirect Server simply responds to a SIP Invite with a 302 Moved Temp message and provides multiple contacts in the Contact Header.  When this occurs, the device receiving the 302 Moved Temp message (such as an Acme Packet SBC) will attempt to contact (ie. send a SIP Invite) the first […]

Answer to Seizure Ratio (ASR) is a term used in Telecommunications and helps determine when new call setup attempt should be routed to an alternate destination. The definition of ASR is the number of successfully answered calls divided by the total number of calls attempted (seizures) multiplied by 100. The formula is (Answer / Seizure) […]

The packet-trace command allows the Acme Packet SBC (Session Director) to capture SIP signaling communication between two endpoints and send the capture to external server such as Wireshark.The SBC uses the network interfaces (ie. media interfaces) to send the capture.  The wancom management interface is not supported in this case. The first step is to […]