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To install the Java plugin for Firefox in RHEL 5 x64 Download the Java RPM from to install in /usr/java # sudo mkdir /usr/java # cd ~ # chmod a+x jre-6u29-linux-x64-rpm.bin # ./jre-6u29-linux-x64-rpm.bin (extracts as jre-6u29-linux-amd64.bin and RPM auto-installs) Create a symbolic link in the Firefox plugins folder # cd ~/.mozilla # ls (check […]

CUCM and Active Directory Integration

Posted: 16th November 2010 by Mark in Cisco

When completing a fresh installation of CUCM it will use its own embedded LDAP directory to store End User information. In most cases it is preferred to integrate CUCM with a corporate LDAP directory such as Micrsoft Active Directory rather than managing two separate user databases. This becomes even more apparent when there are multiple […]

There is no denying that CounterPath makes great SIP softphones and fortunately they work very well with CUCM.  From the free X-Lite phone to its bigger brothers eyeBeam and Bria, there is hardly a reason not to be using a CounterPath product if you are considering a SIP endpoint that is compatible with CUCM. It […]

When configuring QoS on an Acme Packet Session Director it is critical to use proper ToS HEX values to set media and signaling QoS markings. This is accomplished through a Media Policy. The first step is to create a Media Policy on the Session Director. sd4500-02# config t sd4500-02(configure)# media-manager sd4500-02(media-manager)# media-policy sd4500-02(media-policy)# name QoS-Audio […]