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CUE Upgrade (Cisco Unity Express 7)

Posted: 25th November 2009 by Mark in SIP

I acquired a used CUE module running CUE 2.1.2 and wanted to proceed upgrading the module to CUE 7.0.3.  The only way to upgrade CUE is through FTP.  Here is the procedure. First thing I needed to do was install vsftpd on my RHEL 5 Client Workstation.  If you are running CentOS or Fedora you […]

Cisco ASYNC NM-16A Console Management

Posted: 22nd November 2009 by Mark in Cisco

The following is an example of using a Cisco 2811 slotted with an NM-16A ASYNC module to manage other Cisco devices as if you were connected to them locally with a laptop and a serial connection. The ASYNC modules are available in different port densities. There is also an HWIC version. router# show hardware Cisco […]

Cisco 7965 SCCP to SIP Firmware Upgrade

Posted: 17th November 2009 by Mark in Cisco, SIP

Recently I needed to change the firmware on some Cisco 7965 phones from SCCP to SIP. By far the simplest method is loading the COP file on UCM and letting the phone upgrade on its own.  In my case, this upgrade was being done without using UCM.  The Cisco read-me doc for the SIP firmware […]

Unified Communications Manager 7.1(3) in VMWare

Posted: 10th November 2009 by Mark in Cisco

The latest media from Cisco is 7.1.3a for Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connection. CUPS is now 7.0.5.  There are some things to be aware of when trying to load Unified applications in VMWare.  Here are the specifications for a successful installation. NOTE: When performing the installation choose  “skip” when first prompted to use the […]