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Broadworks/Adtran: Call Forwarding to PSTN

Posted: 25th August 2009 by Mark in BroadWorks, SIP

I recently ran into an issue where a calling party from the PSTN was calling a Broadworks subscriber who is using a TDM PBX with a PRI connected to an Adtran TA900. The subscriber enabled call forwarding on their PBX to forward calls out to the PSTN. The issue is that Broadworks would tear down […]

Cisco IOS: Configuring PRI Trunk Groups

Posted: 16th August 2009 by Mark in Cisco, SIP

Someone recently asked me how to configure more than one PRI on a Cisco Router to support VoIP to PSTN calls. Their exact words were inquiring based on the premise “ case a PRI fails” but in the configuration I am going to take it one step further. I am using a similar configuration in […]

I recently posted Part 1 of this 2 part series and explained how Network Address Identity in Broadworks is broken. NAI would normally be used with Unscreened Calls which essentially means the customer wants to send calls to the PSTN with a From number that doesn’t live in their Trunk Group.  This is fairly common […]

Broadworks Trunk Group Identity (TGI) is an option in the Trunk Group Profile that allows a unique identity to be provisioned and allow Unscreened Calls from the customer premise. Unscreened Calls is common with TDM PRI customers who want to send a From DN that does not reside in their Trunk Group. With SIP trunks […]

Adtran TA900 Troubleshooting Commands

Posted: 13th August 2009 by Mark in SIP

My buddy at work put together a very nice list of common Adtran commands used for troubleshooting SIP trunks.  We use them quite often. Debug Output Command Description show debugging shows current enabled debug commands debug sip stack messages shows sip debug information debug isdn l2-formatted shows isdn debug information (easier use) debug voice verbose […]

Qucik and Effective Unix “tail” and Wireshark Tips

Posted: 12th August 2009 by Mark in SIP

Tail is a useful command and one instance of using it is to quickly monitor Broadworks XSLog output in real time without having to search through the XS logs afterwards. One useful scenario is to rapidly retrieve relevant information from a test call and paste the output of tail into a Broadsoft TAC ticket. TAC […]

Broadworks R14.SP9 Generic SIP Smart Proxy

Posted: 11th August 2009 by Mark in BroadWorks, SIP

A very quick note regarding an upgrade from Broadworks R14.SP8 to SP9.  Broadworks appears to contain a bug when using the Generic SIP Smart Proxy device in SP9. I am saying “appears” because at the time I am writing this post Broadsoft TAC has not officially acknowledged this as a bug.  The behavior did not […]

Broadworks Network Address Identity (Part 1)

Posted: 11th August 2009 by Mark in BroadWorks, SIP

Recently I upgraded Broadworks R14.SP8 to SP9. I activated Enterprise Trunking which provides the ability to use Unscreened Calls for Trunking customers if you turn it on in a Trunk Group Profile. The purpose of Unscreened Calls is to allow a customer PBX to send a calling line ID which may contain a From number […]