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Acme Packet SBC and the log2cap tool

Posted: 31st July 2009 by Mark in Acme Packet, SBC, SIP

The log2cap tool is useful for converting the Acme Packet SBC’s log files to Wireshark format for easy viewing. The tool is  for troubleshooting purposes only and was developed as a convenience for Acme Packet customers. There is no support provided by Acme Packet for this tool.

Ping Sweep for Max OS X

Posted: 24th July 2009 by Mark in Unix

At some point in time everyone needs to ping a range of IP addresses on a LAN segment to see what IP’s respond. On Windows there are a variety of 3rd party shareware and freeware tools out there that will perform such a task but Windows does not have a native tool for doing this.  […]

Changing the System Prompt in IOS to show TTY

Posted: 22nd July 2009 by Mark in Cisco

Changing the system prompt to include the TTY session number can be handy. This is what most people currently are used to seeing router# config t Here is the same prompt with the TTY session displayed router:5# config t To configure this enter the following commands router# config t router(config)# prompt %h:%n%p router(config)# exit I […]

Cisco Password Recovery using Mac

Posted: 10th July 2009 by Mark in Cisco

An IOGEAR USB to Serial interface is supported on Mac.  Use the Apple’s Screen application or the free application Z-Term for Mac to console into the router. If using screen you need to know the name of your USB to Serial device. mh$ screen /dev/tty.PL2303-00102126 If the name of the device is not known then […]