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Broadworks – Adding a TAC support account

Posted: 18th June 2009 by Mark in BroadWorks, Unix

Broadsoft TAC typically needs their own login to the platform so they can run admin level commands.  The following script will create user bwtac with the password bwsupport. # cd /usr/local/broadworks/bw_base/sbin # ./bwuseradd -r BWORKS -passwd bwsupport bwtac

Cisco CME: Hardware Conferencing Configuration

Posted: 15th June 2009 by Mark in Cisco

If a Cisco router running CME also has PVDM modules installed the router may be configured to support hardware conferencing for features such as MeetMe conferences or cBarge. 1. The voice-card command references a dspfarm so more than one PVDM may be allocated for DSP availability. voice-card 0 dspfarm dsp services dspfarm 2. Skinny is […]