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UCCX Training Video

Posted: 12th February 2009 by Mark in Cisco

I recently came across this e-learning video for UCCX Deployments.  People may also be interested in the 3750-E video as well since both are part of the CCIE Voice.

Unified Contact Center Express 7 (UCCX7) in VMWare

Posted: 4th February 2009 by Mark in Cisco

UCCX runs on Windows rather than the Linux appliance.  Therefore, installing UCCX in VMWare is easy.   Create a new virtual machine using Windows 2003 Server as the OS type.  The UCCX media kit includes Windows 2003 Server appliance edition. I highly recommend installing VMWare Tools as well.  The most important step when creating your virtual machine is making […]

Cisco IOS, Typos, and DNS

Posted: 4th February 2009 by Mark in SIP

I was speaking with someone the other day who said they disable ip domain lookups on their router so when they mis-type an IOS command the router does not try to resolve it using DNS.  An example would be typing pign instead of ping.  The downside of disabling ip domains lookups is FQDN’s will never resolve […]