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Unified Communciations Manager 7 (UCM7) in VMWare

Posted: 16th January 2009 by Mark in Cisco

When installing UCM7 in VMWare Workstation 6 the install would fail when using the default settings after creating a new virtual machine.  Once I created a new custom virtual machine the install worked.  My custom settings include VMWorkstation 6, Red Hat Linux 4, IDE controller, and 80GB of pre-allocated hard disk space for better performance. I […]

Unity Connection 7 in VMWare

Posted: 14th January 2009 by Mark in Cisco

I frequently receive emails asking how I installed Unity Connection in VMWare while avoiding that nasty grub error that causes the install to fail.  This procedure applies to both Unity Connection 7 and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 7. I currently use VMWare Workstation 6. Step one is to select File > New > Virtual Machine then select Custom when prompted.  Set […]

Unified Presence 7 (CUPS7) in VMWare

Posted: 14th January 2009 by Mark in Cisco

I am configuring a CCIE lab based on Cisco’s CCIE v3.0 Voice Equipment and Software list.  A Dell Precision 490 Workstation is currently serving as the VMWare host machine for all of the Unified Communications software.   There are a few things to note when creating your virual machine for CUPS7 or the install will fail. In VMWare 6 select […]

Unified CME – Prepend 9 to Incoming Calls

Posted: 13th January 2009 by Mark in Cisco

If you are using Cisco Unified CME and require your users to dial 9 before calling the PSTN, the following translation-profile will help when using the Dial soft-key on the IP phone for Missed Calls, Received Calls, etc.. The profile adds 9 to the calling line ID number from LIDB.  Otherwise, when pressing the Dial soft-key the […]

Broadworks R14 – No Schema Found

Posted: 12th January 2009 by Mark in BroadWorks, Unix

Broadworks failed to create the patch database on my primary application node after the R13 to R14 upgrade completed. When accessing the patching menu in bwcli or in Linux, it returns No Schema Found.  The second AS node in the cluster is ok and recognizes the patch bundle, but this is irellevant since the first node needs […]

Broadworks Cluster Nodes Report Out of Sync

Posted: 11th January 2009 by Mark in BroadWorks, Unix

I am in the process of fixing two cluster installations which were originally performed by a third party consulting group.  The peerctl lists were not setup correctly and thus replication is not working from the primary node to the secondary node on either platform. There are a few tasks you can perform to validate whether replication to your secondary nodes are healthy.  First, ensure dbSyncCheck […]

Broadworks R13/R14 and RHEL4 up2date

Posted: 11th January 2009 by Mark in BroadWorks, Unix

Just over 2 months ago I started a massive project to upgrade Broadworks from Release 13 to Release 14.SP8.  R13/R14 requires RHEL4 and there is a snag I ran into when running the up2date process on the lab system. During the initial Broadworks install the application changes /bin/nice so nice may be run by bwadmin and thus change application […]

Adtran vs. Cisco (NAT)

Posted: 10th January 2009 by Mark in Cisco

Adtran TA900e(config)# ip firewall TA900e(config)# ip access-list standard PUBLIC TA900e(config-std-nacl)# permit any TA900e(config-std-nacl)# exit TA900e(config)# ip policy-class PRIVATE TA900e(config-policy-class)# nat source list PUBLIC address overload TA900e(config-policy-class)# exit TA900e(config)# interface eth 0/1 TA900e(config-eth 0/1)# access-policy PRIVATE TA900e(config-eth 0/1)# exit TA900e(config)# write mem Cisco router# config t router(config)# int fast 0/0 routerconfig-if)# ip nat inside router(config-if)# […]

First Post

Posted: 9th January 2009 by Mark in SIP

I started this blog as a place to store my technical notes.  I intend to discuss my professional experiences with Network Routing and Switching, SIP, VoIP, and the pursuit of my CCIE certification.