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Comfort Noise (RFC 3389) is the noise played in an RTP stream to prevent a user form hearing total silence on the connection. Not all telephony systems have the ability to play music while a party is on hold.  Without Comfort Noise (CN) the party on hold may think the connection dropped. Starting with ECZ740 the Acme […]

Media injection may be configured on the Acme Packet SBC using the Local Media Playback SPL. An SPL is a plug-in on the SBC based on LUA scripting and each SPL on the SBC enhances its features and capabilities. The Local Media Playback SPL is included in the base code of eCZ730m2 and later releases. The following […]

Advanced Logging is a recently added feature of the Oracle Acme Packet SBC. Think of it as a way to log all the SIP dialog (and optionally media stats) for a specific call, or, SIP calls that have an “interesting” set of criteria amongst them. The following are different ways to perform Advanced Logging: SIP Requests such as INVITE […]

The release of Acme Packet ECZ730m1 software introduces the ACLI command fraud-protection. This allows the SBC to store multiple black lists, white lists, SIP redirect lists, and rate limit entries for fraud prevention and call control. Multiple lists may exist where entries are stored in separate XML files. Lists (XML files) may be initially created through the command line (ACLI) […]

Often times when deploying network monitoring probes they are passive devices tapped into the network using port spans, also known as port mirroring. Since the Acme Packet SBC is acting as a SIP b2bua and sees all SIP traffic it also has the ability to act as a probe without the need for port spans […]

The Acme Packet SBC is now on ACLI 7.3 code. Since the release of 7.x there have been a number of new enhancements. One of the most useful new features is Advanced Logging. This is like getting debug output in a log file without having to enable full debug. By setting a condition (or set of […]

For those interested in the Acme Packet BCP documents, they are steadily reemerging as they are being updated with new content. Previously they were available to customers who had access to the Acme Packet TAC portal. Fortunately they are now available to anyone who has an account on the Oracle-Acme Packet Community site located here. Also […]

The Acme Packet SBC supports the ability to load balance SIP traffic several difference ways. Simply stated, a SIP invite will ingress to the SBC. The SBC will lookup the destination and if it results in a Session Agent Group (SAG) configuration with 2 or more Session Agents, the SBC will egress the SIP invite […]

The grep tool is a very popular Unix command line utility used to match a regular expression. Although “grep” doesn’t specifically exist on the Acme Packet SBC the find command serves a similar purpose.  This feature was introduced in ACLI release 6.4. NNOS-SD# find [configuration | running-config | command]  [attribute] NNOS-SD# find ? <string>    […]

The tail program is available on Unix operating systems and is used to view the tail end of  a text file or piped data. Once tail is running for a particular log file, and as the log file get populated with new data, the newly populated content is displayed on the screen real-time. This saves […]