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Often times when deploying network monitoring probes they are passive devices tapped into the network using port spans, also known as port mirroring. Since the Acme Packet SBC is acting as a SIP b2bua and sees all SIP traffic it also has the ability to act as a probe without the need for port spans […]

The Acme Packet SBC is now on ACLI 7.3 code. Since the release of 7.x there have been a number of new enhancements. One of the most useful new features is Advanced Logging. This is like getting debug output in a log file without having to enable full debug. By setting a condition (or set of […]

The grep tool is a very popular Unix command line utility used to match a regular expression. Although “grep” doesn’t specifically exist on the Acme Packet SBC the find command serves a similar purpose.  This feature was introduced in ACLI release 6.4. NNOS-SD# find [configuration | running-config | command]  [attribute] NNOS-SD# find ? <string>    […]

The tail program is available on Unix operating systems and is used to view the tail end of  a text file or piped data. Once tail is running for a particular log file, and as the log file get populated with new data, the newly populated content is displayed on the screen real-time. This saves […]

This is a  short update but should make a lot folks in the Service Provider world happy. Many people started using the web GUI based SIP Monitoring & Tracing feature in S-CX 6.3 noticed it was removed from S-CX 6.4. Note that S-CX is the Service Provider stream of code. SIP Monitoring & Tracing remained […]

Recently Cisco announced a blueprint and name change to the CCIE Voice certification. Beginning on November 21, 2013, the new Collaboration written exam will be available and replace the current Voice written exam. On February 14, 2014 (Valentine’s Day in the United States) the new CCIE Collaboration practical exam will be in full effect. Are […]

Acme Packet SBC “load-limit” Command Option

Posted: 9th November 2011 by Mark in Acme Packet, SIP, Unix

The Acme Packet SBC has an optional parameter that may be added under sip-config that allows the SBC to gracefully handle traffic in the event the SBC’s main processor reaches a certain threshold. There are several reasons as to why this may occur, but at the most basic level it’s a good idea to draw […]

SIP TLS (Transport Layer Security) is used to encrypt SIP signaling between SIP endpoints.  In order for this to function properly it is required that certain devices in the network import an SSL certificate.  Before importing the certificate into a device such as an Acme Packet SBC it is important to know if the certificate […]

Gathering metrics on a VoIP network is crucial and the Acme Packet Session Director (SBC) has a feature that comes standard with the platform called Historical Data Recording (HDR).  The purpose of HDR is to enable a set (or sets) of categories ranging from CPU and Memory utilization to SIP errors, enum statistics,  ACL status, […]

Auto-Start Your VMWare Virtual Machines Without the GUI

Posted: 19th January 2011 by Mark in Unix

I was looking for a method that allowed me to SSH to my Linux machine running VMWare Workstation 7 and execute a file that automatically starts all my VMWare virtual machines without having to use the GUI.  This could also be used as a startup script as well. In my case I am running several […]